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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Post

Ok..So it begins here. Let me make it very clear at the very outset what I am going to post in here. As the name of the blog suggests , they will contain my world in my style. A common question creeping into your mind would probably be “Why has he named his blog in such simple words and not something striking and/or flowery or abstract?”. Well, then, as I said – It is my world…..I am not going to baptize it with some flashy name that has nothing to do with me, my thoughts, my ideas or my philosophies.

The second possible question could be “Why start a blog now?” I am not someone who believes in converting or morphing others’ ideas or philosophies by imposing mine. So my thoughts that will follow in my blog will not be with an intention to injure or change anyone’s ideas – but to give vent to those which I possess. So please take it with a pinch of salt if they contradict yours – we may be seeing the world in different colours, but it isn’t necessary for one of us to be wrong.

So much for the introduction. I will follow this up with a few posts soon that will put across what I mean. Your comments are most welcome in each of my posts….I’d certainly like to know what you think.


Rochishnu said...

Looking forward to some interesting stuff, here. Keep it up!

Best of Luck.

Shamik said...

An interesting intro to your World in your Style..
waiting for the posts or rather vents to your feelings n ideas...
All the Best

Bhabesh said...

welcome to blogspot. i started it a yr ago but cudn't conyinue..
wiish u cud give us some gud reading stuff...

waiting for ur 2nd post..

Ayan said...

Good introduction to the blog.LOOKing forward to reading more of your posts.

the guitar crazy said...

pagla chulke ne
u can really dance
believe me u r no bathroom dancer
waiting eagerly for ur nxt post